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Andrew Wassillie

  • Fr Andrew was born to Subdeacon Yakov and Irene Wassillie in Anchorage, Alaska, but was raised in the village of Napaskiak, AK, which has population of 450 people. After graduating from high school in the same village, he moved to Bethel, AK to continue his education at the University of Alaska Fairbanks - Kuskokwim community college. Fr Andrew worked as a computer technology technitian for some time.

  • At this time period, he married his wife, Olga. Fr Andrew and Matushka Olga have 5 children together and one more on the way.

  • Fr Andrew graduated from the St Herman's Orthodox Seminary in Kodiak, AK in 2012.

  •  He was ordained to the Holy Diaconate  in 2010 and then to the Holy Priesthood in 2013.

  •   Fr Andrew served as Deacon in Kodiak for 2 years and a year in Napaskiak at St James Orthodox Church.

  • While living in Napaskiak Fr Andrew also took care of St Michael's Church in Eek, AK, and St Juvenaly Mission Church in Quinhagak, AK.

  • By the end of December 2014, Fr Andrew and his family moved to Fairbanks, AK to serve as a Rector of St Herman's Orthodox church where he still serves today.

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